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Headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK, 1-VoIP was built on the premise that excellent service and support will better retain customers than long-term contracts. To that end, all of the services they offer are contract-free. 1-VoIP is so confident in their network that they offer a 99.999% uptime SLA, and take care that the audio is of the highest quality. 1-VoIP offers both hosted VoIP and SIP trunking to SMBs, and residential service as well.

Available Products and Services:
– Premier Basic, $14.97/mo: Unlimited incoming minutes; 500 outbound minutes.
– Premier Unlimited, $23.97/mo or $189/yr: Unlimited inbound and outbound minutes.
– Premier Global: $29.97/mo or $233/yr: Unlimited inbound and outbound minutes plus unlimited calls to 30 countries.

Metered, $14.97/mo/extension
Corporate (Unlimited calling), $24.97/mo/extension
Professional (includes Phone and Number), $34.97/mo/extension
– Free number porting on all plans
– All plans include over 40 premium calling features like Custom Greetings, Auto Attendant and Call Recording
– No contracts of cancelation fees

SIP Trunking:
– $25/mo for every 2,000 minutes
– $4.95/mo for local number.
– $5.95/mo for toll-free number.
– Optional Cisco RV082 Router for $99.99, or Cisco WRV4400N for $149.99, shipping $30 extra for either.
– $24.90 activation charge.

Free Residential features include:
– 24/7 US-based support
– 99.999% Service Level Guarantee
– Music on hold
– Paperless fax-to-email
– Call routing
– Digital softphone
– Reject/accept calls from certain numbers
– Virtual number (up to two phone numbers)
– Custom announcement to inbound calls
– Wake up call

Business Features include:
– Music on hold
– 24/7 US-based support
– 99.999% SLA
– Extension transfer
– Auto attendant
– Call treatment, including business hours
– Paperless fax-to-email

Editor’s Bottom Line:
1-VoIP stands out from the pack with a very impressive 99.999% SLA. Their hosted PBX features are no more or no less than I would expect from a top-notch VoIP provider. Their SIP trunking rates are a good deal. Their residential service is average, but I’ve seen better prices on similar services.

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1-VoIP Recent Reviews

Five stars…

Five stars for great service. OK price. Need more features. Overall I would recommend it. Would Recommend: Yes

Cornel B.

I have been using…

I have been using this same service for more than 7 years (I am often in Romania). They have changed names in that time, but never once did they compromise their service and character. I have no idea how the other companies are, but I love this service. Everyone is surprised at how clear the calls go through, and how it sounds like I am actually in the states. Pros: Pretty much everything. Cons: you get what you pay for!. Would Recommend: Yes

Michael G.

Easy setup…

Been with 1-VoIP for maybe 8 – 10 years or longer. The initial setup was a snap. For any technical problems i have had NONE. The only time i call tech support is to reset my password for the portal. 1-VoIP has all the features i need and it’s priced right for me.BTW….when i did call tech support always polite and professional. chrisc Pros: Easy setup …..great features. it works period. Cons: none. Would Recommend: Yes

Chris C.

The only problem…

The only problem I have is when construction digging is going on, they sometimes tear up the fiber optic cable and my phone and internet is off for several hours. Would Recommend: Yes

Charles C.

Been with 1-VoIP for

I’ve been with 1-VoIP for at least 3-4 years now and feel I have grown with them. Sure, there were technical issues at the beginning, but I’ve always felt that their technical support people were knowledgeable and caring, especially Allen, a rarity in this business. In terms of features, 1-VoIP is the only provider to my knowledge that offers two free virtual numbers with all of their plans, and to me that was the clincher. I’m on their Premier Global Residential Plan and I think the value is unbeatable and the reliability excellent (although not faultless). Furthermore, I live in Canada and needed a number in the 613 area code, which they cover along with a lot of other places like Quebec City, Montreal and Vancouver. Many US-based providers do not pay much attention to Canada, which is not the case with these guys, thankfully!I was with Vonage before (although that was at least 3-4 years ago) and am way happier with 1-VoIP. It’s like dealing with a mom & pop operation: you get much more personalized service, and as I like to say over and over, their staff really cares. There is no issue I experienced with my phone line that we were not able to fix quickly together – they follow up on calls and emails and really work with you to solve any problem that arises. I highly recommend 1-VoIP to you, as I’ve been recommending them to my family and friends, because they’ve earned my loyalty. And by the way, I’m often skeptical when reading overly positive reviews, as we all should be: but I’m a real long-term customer of 1-VoIP, my name is Marc, I do exist, I’m based in Ottawa, Canada, and regularly write hotel reviews on tripadvisor as I travel a lot (one of the reasons why I love using 1-VoIP as a telephone provider) – my username on TA is marxusboy, please do not hesitate to contact me there if you need extra pointers on 1-VoIP. Pros: Canada-friendly with excellent tech support. Cons: Some occasional billing issues related to the free virtual numbers. Would Recommend: Yes

Marc M.

Great customer care…

I had the misfortune of having my phone number being ported out with some adjustments made in one of my companies. 1-Voip personnel (Evan and Lori) worked very hard to get it back in and set up even when the other carrier was not returning phone calls. Thanks guys! Pros: Great customer care!!. Cons: None. Would Recommend: Yes

Joshua F

This service is worth the…

I find this service to be worth the cost. One VERY good feature is the ability to use a Voip app on my Android phone using the same service, I use this overseas on every trip (using WiFi on my phone in conjunction with the app. One can always pick up free WiFi in small shops.Also like stacking overseas numbers on my line for my family who travels overseas. This reduces the cost of communication to less than $7.50 a month.As stated I travel frequently to far off locations, so I very much like bringing my spare router with me to these locations (for extended trips)and use it for US communications using the hotel phone reducing my communications bill to a minimum. Pros: Ability to stack numbers, Ability to use Voip App on my cell phone. Cons: Reliability and jitter is a concern. Would Recommend: Yes

Marc S.

I came to 1-VoIP after a couple…

I came to 1-VoIP after a couple years with Phone Power. Not only is it cheaper than Phone Power, the reliability of the residential service I have with 1-VoIP is outstanding. The only time it goes down is when there is a storm and power / internet goes out. I have only had to deal with customer service one or two times and they were great. I could be wrong, but the customer service center appears to be in the USA. My only gripe with 1-VoIP is the Black List feature only allows 40 entries. I know you can add wild cards to expand it some, but feel like they could easily expand this to say 100 or more. Pros: Super Reliable, Great Price and Customer Service Cu. Cons: Can only block 40 entries. Would Recommend: Yes

Michael L.

1-VoIP Reviews & Ratings from 14 Verified Users | GetVoIP

We switched over from Comcast VOIP to 1VOIP to save money. Comcast was charging more than twice what we pay 1VOIP, for far fewer services. Once you get the system set up and running, it works like a charm. We were able to port our home number over. We had a few glitches with which side of our wifi router the adapter sat on, and the configuration of the router to allow it to work, but those were resolved quicky with 1VOIP’s customer service. That’s the only reason I say that the setup is slightly complicated. If you’re competent in working with your modem and router, you won’t have a problem. It’s not exactly plug and play. The other nice thing is that customer service responds over email almost immediately when you have a problem, and is almost always correct in their assessment and solution, unlike Comcast. So that’s a plus. In short, it’s reliable VOIP phone, with a whole bunch of useful add-ons, and less expensive that the monopolies. Pros: Inexpensive, reliable, good customer service. Cons: A little complex to set up and modify. Would Recommend: Yes

Shannon L.

I’ve been a customer since January…

’ve been a customer since January 2017 and so far so good. Great services, great customer service and great value. Keep up the good work! Pros: Everything has been great so far. Cons: None. Would Recommend: Yes

Cassandra E.