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When you run a business, you have many things to think about every day. Customers and workers, budget limitations, sudden growth and the need to scale is a limited list of all the responsibilities and challenges. You do not want your communication system to be on that list.

A small business that is just starting out needs effective communication to reach its full potential. The right system should meet all the needs of your company, be easy for everyone to use and still remain affordable. This is how you reach the next level.

This is where Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) comes in. It is the perfect combination of modern, flexible features that will save your business both time and money. The following explains all of the benefits of using VoIP phone service in 2019 and going into the future.

VoIP is Affordable
A traditional office phone system is very costly because it requires a large amount of equipment and many wired phones to be installed along with a large server to make it all work. The setup cost and ongoing maintenance of a VoIP system is very low because it uses the internet service that you already have in place. You can choose a calling plan that suits your business needs and upgrade whenever you want. Some VoIP plans offer a tiered pricing structure where you only pay for what you actually use each month. Depending on your infrastructure, you can choose to self-host your VoIP system or have it hosted by the company you contract with.

VoIP Has Mobility
When your business is new, you may operate from a home office, and your employees may also work from their respective locations. With a VoIP system, you can make or receive phone calls from any location as long as you have the adapter with you. Another advantage of this mobility is if you have to move your office or your facility is destroyed by a natural disaster. You can simply go to another area and pick up where you left off. A traditional phone system would leave you high and dry for weeks in the same scenario.

VoIP Increases Productivity
A recent survey revealed that mobility plays a crucial role in the productivity of workers. The results found that 88 percent of employees who were highly engaged with their jobs felt they had more control over the workplace. Being able to communicate anywhere at any time plays a large part in that engagement. Using VoIP allows your workers to share information, hold virtual conferences and receive voicemail transcripts by email. This enhances the productivity of your entire office and ensures quality engagement with the customer base. It is estimated that businesses using VoIP phone systems saved over 30 minutes per day for each worker.

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VoIP is Easily Managed
A large drawback of a traditional landline system is the miles of wires and cables that are required for its operation. This issue is eliminated when you switch to VoIP. The modern system does not need all that wiring. The installation process is very simple and takes almost no time at all. You do not have to be a technical expert to maintain VoIP as the entire system can be managed from a virtual control panel. You can add or subtract service as you need it.

VoIP Can Be Scaled
One of the realities of doing business is growing pains. In most cases, this means you are successful, but your phone system may not be able to keep up. After VoIP has been installed, you can choose the calling plan that works best for your company in the present moment. As your business expands, you can go to your control panel and scale up to the next level with just a few clicks. The opposite is also true. If you need less service for some reason, you can scale down into a smaller plan. VoIP is easy, and it works.

VoIP is a modern solution to replace a traditional wired phone system. It offers your business mobility, flexible calling plans and an affordable cost. Take your company to the next level with VoIP.