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SoundCurve’s Recent Reviews

Great Service and Pricing

They have been great to work with and answer emails and phone calls around the clock! Their voice talent was very good and prompt at setting up everything we asked and even makes changes as needed. Moving from RingCentral was the best move we ever made!


Excellent technical assistance

SoundCurve has been very responsive whenever we have had technical issues. They are more than willing to work with us and our local Internet provider.


Very Good Service

This is a very good way to save money and do calls across Canada and the USA in a very simple manner. They offer very good services.


Awesome Company

Very customer service based. Always there when I call. Our office voicemail and office times are a little different then most business but they understood and manage our system correctly. If there ever is an issue, I can always call and talk to a real person.


Great Problem Resolution

I had a problem with some of my phones settings. Contacted support, who addressed the problem within minutes. The tech person sat on the issue until it was completely resolved to my satisfaction.


Excellent Service and Even Better Customer Service!

We started the service while starting our company and a few years later while we have grown we value their services even more! We have never had any down time and even when we moved the customer service in minutes had us up and running. For every question we had we always get an immediate reply. Add this to the flexibility of their services we will keep using them as we continue to expand.


Excellent Customer Service

Have had nothing but good service and customer service from this company. Usually answered within minutes.


Great Experience Throughout

Wow, a VoIP company that understands and implements as close to flawless as you can get especially when other phone companies have to be dealt with. Soundcurve should be the first choice, however, if it isn’t, give them a shot and you won’t regret it. I just wish I had found them sooner.